Upright Welcomes New Team Members

Posted by Erin Meyer on Nov 5, 2012 9:20:20 AM

Upright Communications is pleased to welcome two new interns to our team – Michael Hostiuck and Jacob Meyer.

Michael Hostiuck earned an Associate Degree in Applied Science from University of Cincinnati, where his studies in the Electronic Media Communications department focused on web development and graphic design. His professional work has included freelance web development as well as experience as a computer technician and diagnostic expert.

In working with Upright, Michael looks forward to gaining further insight into the web development industry. So far, he has found it interesting to learn the full scope of what Upright has to offer clients as an SEO partner. Michael says he has been impressed with the unique and efficient production process at Upright, and enjoys having the opportunity to focus on honing his skills in WordPress development as well as other CMS systems.

When not at work on web development, Michael enjoys reading. His favorite book series is the Foundation Novels by Isaac Asimov. Michael appreciates the ability Asimov had to predict many technological advances that eventually came to fruition, and says the author has greatly inspired his own creativity.

Jacob Meyer is currently working on a degree from Cincinnati State and plans to pursue a career in marketing. He brings to Upright a wide range of experience garnered not only from his education, but an interesting variety of jobs. In addition to providing work experience, Jacob’s jobs financed a backpacking trip throughout Western Europe, which he says was extremely rewarding, both intellectually and emotionally.

As a member of the Upright Team, Jacob hopes to gain hands-on experience in web-based marketing. He sees the internet as a very powerful and quickly growing marketing tool, and believes his success in the marketing field will be greatly enhanced by a working knowledge of web marketing strategies. So far in working with Upright, Jacob has enjoyed being involved with and learning from both a broad spectrum of clients and a wide variety of project tasks.

In his free time, Jacob enjoys science fiction, in particular the X-Files series and the Twilight Zone series. He likes the fusion of sci-fi with crime and mystery themes, and especially appreciates episodes that involve the time-space continuum and quantum physics, two of his favorite science topics.

Michael and Jacob have been making great contributions to the Upright team so far. We look forward to continued growth within our team as we work to provide the best services for our clients.