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Posted by Erin Meyer on Dec 17, 2015 8:43:31 AM

GOAL.jpgThe beginning of a new year provides a great opportunity for content marketing as it is the time when people tend to look for inspiration and are ready for change. Your prospective customers are likely in the frame of mind to try new things and make improvements. Use the new year as a theme for January blog and email topics that promote your products and services in the form of inspiring ideas.  

Whether it is individuals or businesses, here are a few action items that people tend to think about at the beginning of a new year. Consider who your customers are, and how your products and services might help them with these objectives:

  1. Be More Efficient and Profitable

How can you help your customers make the most of their resources? Do you offer a product or service that eliminates waste or saves time? Open your article or email message by describing efficiency problems your clients can relate to, then follow up with a concise preview of how you can help them solve the problem. Invite them to contact you to learn more or request additional information.

Example: HVAC Company

Headline: Ways to Increase Your Home's Efficiency in 2017

  1. Save Money

Cutting costs is a priority on everyone's mind these days. Let your prospects know about special offers or rewards programs you have that could save them money. Maybe your product is priced better than the competition or saves users money in the long run.

Example: Auto Shop

Headline: Resolve to Keep Up on Car Maintenance with these Great Offers

  1. Reach Goals

Individuals and businesses alike tend to have those new year's resolutions that keep getting pushed off year to year. Can your product or service help a person or company finally achieve a long- desired outcome or accomplishment? Focus your message on illustrating how what you have to offer is the long-awaited solution that will finally make things happen.

Example: Wellness Center

Headline: Make this the Year You Finally Feel Your Best

While these examples are specific and focus on business to consumer marketing, the concepts can be easily applied to any area, including business to business marketing. Just think about the benefits your products or services offer and how they can inspire your clients to reach their new year goals.

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