Happy Earth Day

Posted by Eric Frye on Apr 22, 2008 12:21:30 PM

seedling in hand

April 22nd is officially "Earth Day" and some even celebrate the entire week surrounding this date. This is the time of year where we are inspired to "go green" and do what we can to make this big blue marble a better place to live for ourselves and generations to come. In honor of being green, we'd like to tell you about a few of our clients who contribute to this great effort, as well as a few things we do to try and conserve and give a little back.Century Bank Direct offers online banking accounts which helps us save paper and trees by allowing users to do their banking online.

Brava Roof Tile offers "green roofs" which is more environmentally friendly roofing products.

Formwood Industries carries earth friendly hardwood veneer which is environmentally friendly by nature.

Jasper Engines recognizes the need to conserve our natural resources and provide for a cleaner environment and re-manufactures alternative fuel engines.

Clopay Garage Doors is committed to manufacturing and installing "green" garage doors that enhance the beauty, safety and value of your home while reducing the overall impact on the environment.

Real Milk Paint creates a non toxic, environmentally friendly milk paint made from all organic materials.

Not only are we proud to represent the marketing efforts of these companies, but we also try to do our part to help the environment. The Internet has given us a great deal of flexibility and allows us to telecommute which is a great way to conserve gas and prevent pollution. By printing out less and providing more in electronic format, we're saving trees. Each of us here at Upright Communications is concerned for our environment and the carbon footprint we are leaving. We hope that you are inspired by some of our clients above and our efforts to do our part in conserving resources.Tell us about a company you know who's done their part. We'd love to add to this list!

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