Case Study: Dos Equis & The Most Interesting Man

Posted by Eric Frye on Oct 22, 2009 11:58:27 AM

You've seen recent TV ads for Dos Equis Mexican beer, right? Featuring fictional brand icon "The Most Interesting Man in the World" (pictured below) who doesn't always drink beer, "But when I do, I prefer Dos Equis." Yep, those commercials. This ambitious advertising campaign is now a multi-platform smash, and we have a lot to learn from it as marketers. Here's how it has unfolded so far...

Campaign Timeline:

Debut Commercial & Top 30 Facts About the Most Interesting Man in the World

Spring 2007 - Series of 15-second commercials debuts, only in limited US markets (to gauge momentum)

Spring 2009 - To positive response, more commercials begin airing nationwide. Campaign expands with print ads, billboards, re-designed website and social media pages all featuring "The Most Interesting Man."

Here's where it gets interesting...

Fall 2009

  • Dos Equis announces 32% US sales increase for the year, becomes #8 import beer (tied with Stella Artois)
  • Featuring a portrait of "Most Interesting Man," Dos Equis Facebook page now has 173,000 Fans
  • At Dos Equis website, which the Man dominates, visitors spend 7.42 whopping minutes per visit, according to Google Analytics
  • First week of October 2009, Mexico's Bolsa index falls .03. However, Fomento Economico Mexicano SAB (maker of Dos Equis) rises most in the index, climbing 27% on the Mexican stock exchange in one week.
  • Playing off "Most Interesting Man" theme, Dos Equis unmasks Most Interesting Tricks Halloween campaign, a fully-integrated merchandising and display setup with special offers and treats to promote Dos Equis. Most Interesting Tricks is displayed at local liquor, grocery and convenience stores nationwide right now.


  • Invited through Dos Equis' aggressive email campaign, I attend 2nd Annual The Most Interesting Show in the World in Hollywood. A 16-city tour, it is a modern Vaudeville-style circus act, complete with beatboxers, contortionists, magicians, and knife-throwers.
  • The event took place at the legendary Avalon Hollywood theater and continued in the mystique of the ad campaign, with portraits of "The Most Interesting Man" all around, free beer and performers from "around the world"- namely South America, Asia and the Middle East. Eclectic of the Grammy-winning Black Eyed Peas even deejayed. Talk about a unified campaign-- and really fun show!


All business owners and marketing professionals: continue learning from this campaign. The more I research it myself, the more fascinating it becomes. I'm not a huge fan of Dos Equis beer, but their marketing department is genius!

Follow the links throughout this entry -- selected as "most interesting" resources on this campaign. Get marketing ideas from Dos Equis' incredible website and as always, "stay thirsty my friends." Enjoy professionally.

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