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5 Stats to Shake Up Your Boss’s View on B2B Digital Marketing

Posted by Jacob Meyer on Apr 12, 2017 1:46:50 PM

Marketing your business online often ends up being put on the back burner with older companies. Most of those companies have a website but, they rarely update it or utilize. It can be frustrating if your company’s struggling to generate new leads and not using every tool available.

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How does SEO fit into an overall marketing strategy?

Posted by Jacob Meyer on Nov 9, 2016 8:00:00 AM

It’s not easy for every business to grasp. Your website and your competitor’s website are nothing like billboards or TV ads that invade your life. Websites put your customer in control and when they’re done, one click and your website is gone. It can make online marketing difficult to grasp and easy to undervalue.  So, let’s make your website and search engine optimization (SEO) work alongside your current marketing plan.

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Ways to Stay Recharged in an Inbound World

Posted by Jacob Meyer on Aug 12, 2015 4:05:00 PM

At Upright, we are constantly coming up with new ideas for clients and bouncing ideas around internally. Being in the inbound marketing business means we need to be attracting new visitors all the time. I myself for instance need to constantly stay vigilant on campaigns and make sure offers are delivered on time. I think everyone today can understand that type of pressure and workload. So how do you relax when you know the work will go on tomorrow? Well, at Upright, we’ve initiated some pretty fun ways to build community, friendship, and a frank openness among ourselves.

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The Apps to Keep Your Campaigns on Track

Posted by Jacob Meyer on Jul 23, 2015 3:24:00 PM

At Upright, and every other agency out there, keeping your goals on track is crucial to success. When you have multiple campaigns running at one time it can get hairy fast. Without proper organization questions begin to fly: Who’s in charge of that? What happened to this? When did you make that? Who called this meeting? What were the results? What happened to Tom and the Czechoslovakian account….

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Fishing with the right bait makes all the difference... A post on Link Bait.

Posted by Jacob Meyer on Sep 24, 2013 5:19:03 PM

For a lot of businesses, marketing in the local waters of lakes and streams comes easily over time. You know what bait to use, in the right season, to really drive the fish, i.e., the customers, into your boat. The nice thing about the local lakes and streams is there is always someone on the shores willing to share some secrets, or you can do what I do, stand back a little and watch the baits they are using. You can easily learn who likes the flashy baits (Billboards, TV) for a big strike, and who likes to live easy and let a simple tasty bait just sit there and get found over time (referrals) to reel in a big catfish. Soon enough it becomes your lake, you know it well, and know what works. Then you decide one day, it’s time to go online to expand your business and find some new types of fish. Holy carp, (pardon the pun) you find yourself in the middle of an ocean. Except in this ocean, the waters and weather are almost invisible to an untrained eye, and your old tackle box might need a major make over… Yikes! What you’ll soon learn is that you need get some new bait… Link Bait.

Link Bait? What does that even mean?

It’s essentially great content marketing and turning your site into a fun, smart, interesting, whatever-you-want resource on a topic. If you do it right you can earn links that can boost your search rankings and help customers find recommendations on an array of sites. Most people think, “If you build it they will link” but, sadly, that is not reality. Link bait is more than just putting something pretty in the water and waiting. For example a buzz bait works because you work it. It just doesn’t sit there and link bait is no different; it takes a lot of work and planning. Before I give you some great bait ideas, I want you to remember, it’s important to not get discouraged or get upset when you hit a snag. In all my years at fishing, if I lost bait on a snag, even if it was the one Pop gave me when I became a man, I put a new lure on and cast it out again.

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