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Overcoming Business Blogging Block

Posted by Erin Meyer on Jun 16, 2017 1:31:00 PM

You know your business. You could – and do – talk about it all day long. So why is it so hard to write blog post for your business blog? Even when you do think of a topic, it can be equally hard to figure what to say in your post. We know the benefits of business blogging, but most of us who have tried to maintain a business blog can relate to the problem of bloggers block. Before you waste any more of your day staring at an empty screen, take a look at our five questions for overcoming business blogging block.

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Give Your Local Email Marketing Campaign a Boost

Posted by Erin Meyer on May 26, 2017 4:18:22 PM

Is your local email marketing campaign delivering the results you want? If not, you may be considering giving up on email as marketing strategy. Before you do that, there are things you should consider.

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Who is Fred? About Google’s Latest Algorithm Update

Posted by Erin Meyer on Mar 16, 2017 10:31:56 AM

An unconfirmed Google algorithm update known as “Fred” began making its presence known on March 9th. This latest ranking update is reported to have impacted site rankings in a variety of ways.  As with the many other Google algorithm changes you hear about, Fred may have you wondering how your site may have been impacted and what you need to do.

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Does Your Home Page Excite Viewers?

Posted by Erin Meyer on Mar 9, 2017 1:35:31 PM

If your home page does not excite your viewers, does it at least engage their interest? The home page of your website plays as extremely important role as it is often the first page viewers see when visiting your business online. If this crucial page does not do everything it should be doing, it is entirely possible that the rest of your website will not even be seen.

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3 Ways to Make Not-So-Exciting B2B Marketing Content More Engaging

Posted by Erin Meyer on Feb 16, 2017 12:30:52 PM

As a digital marketing company, we serve a wide range of businesses and markets. When discussing ideas for engaging content, we sometimes hear B2B clients say “my customers only care about price” or “there’s nothing that interesting to talk about.” No matter what your product or service, there is always more to talk about than price.  While your B2B digital media content may never go viral, it is possible to develop interesting content and engaging social media posts, even with a product line that does not seem very exciting.  Here are 3 ideas to get you started:

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Resolved for 2017: End Random Acts of B2B Marketing

Posted by Erin Meyer on Jan 5, 2017 10:10:39 AM

The start of a new year is an exciting time! Thoughts turn to resolutions for making transformations and improvements. Unfortunately - whether personal or business related - New Year’s Resolutions usually fail because they are not supported by larger goals and strategic actions. For example, if I want to ‘lose weight in 2017’ but don’t set a weight loss goal with a specific diet and exercise plan, the chances of me succeeding are about as good as my chances of driving by Krispy Kreme on National Donut Day.  The same can be said for B2B marketing efforts. Unless the B2B marketing efforts you are planning for 2017 are supported by goals and a coordinated marketing strategy, there’s a good chance you won’t carry them out, much less see any measurable results.

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12 Easy Topic Ideas for Business Blogging

Posted by Erin Meyer on Dec 21, 2016 9:26:50 AM

Business blogging is a great way to add new content to your website, while also giving your customers and prospects a reason to visit your website.  Posts with interesting and useful information will establish your website as a helpful resource, and establish a positive image for your business. Unfortunately, coming up with blog post ideas can be challenging, so it is all too easy to let your business blog fall by the wayside.

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4 Quick Social Media Ideas for the 4th of July

Posted by Erin Meyer on Jun 30, 2016 11:53:51 PM

Before "going off" for the holiday weekend, take a moment to think about your social media activity. As we often say, one of the keys to social media  savvy is regular posting. Here are four super quick ideas for a last minute Fourth of July social media post:

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5 Tips for Making Your Website Redesign Easier

Posted by Erin Meyer on Jun 10, 2016 1:28:37 PM

There are many crucial reasons for redesigning your website - it needs to be mobile friendly, it is not ranking in searches, it does not provide a way for tracking visits, or it is just chock-full of outdated information. No matter how compelling the reasons may be, why is it that website redesign ends up on the back burner? Most companies with an underachieving website don't need to be sold on the idea that a website redesign is necessary, they just need to be motivated to make it a priority.

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Two Resources for Mobile Optimization

Posted by Erin Meyer on May 18, 2016 12:42:33 PM

The significance of mobile friendly search has been an SEO focal point for awhile now, and the importance of this trend seems only to be getting stronger. As we recently reported, 57% of users are accessing search engines using a mobile device, and a quarter of U.S. users report using only their mobile devices for online search. Google has remained in front of this trend, rolling out yet another update this month, aimed at helping mobile users find more relevant and mobile-friendly pages. If you have not yet optimized for mobile, now is the time.

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