5 Tips for Making Your Website Redesign Easier

Posted by Erin Meyer on Jun 10, 2016 1:28:37 PM

UnderConstruction.jpgThere are many crucial reasons for redesigning your website - it needs to be mobile friendly, it is not ranking in searches, it does not provide a way for tracking visits, or it is just chock-full of outdated information. No matter how compelling the reasons may be, why is it that website redesign ends up on the back burner? Most companies with an underachieving website don't need to be sold on the idea that a website redesign is necessary, they just need to be motivated to make it a priority.

As a company that helps businesses with website redesign, we often hear from clients that the reason this project gets neglected is because of a lack of time. While we certainly understand why this is a challenge, there is really just too much lost opportunity to justify putting up with a poor website.

Throughout our years of experience in coordinating website redesign projects, we have discovered that there are many ways to make the process much easier to manage. Here are 5 simple ideas that can help put your website redesign on the fast track for success:

  1. Have a clear strategic objective

You would not build a house without a blueprint. You would not take a trip without a map. You would not make a point without a metaphor. And the point is simply this - in order to build a website that meets your objectives, you have to define what your objectives are. Don't be general, be specific. Align those goals with the objectives of your company. If you want to grow business, take some time to consider where that business would come from, and how your website can serve as a tool to get you there.

  1. Know your target

Who do you want to attract to your website? What do you want them to do when they get there? Once you have established who your audience is, your task becomes understanding what their needs and goals are. Odds are, they are not focused on learning about your company. They want to want to know if you can solve the problems they have, and help them to avoid new problems. Developing buyer personas is an excellent way to identify and study your prospects, so you know how to craft your message.

  1. Establish a realistic timeline

Give your website redesign project the time it needs to develop successfully. Take it in phases, and establish deadlines. Make those deadlines achievable, so that you don't get discouraged and overwhelmed. Keep the flow of communication going amongst your team so that no one is confused and everyone is accountable.

  1. Carefully select your team

Speaking of your team, consider carefully who should be on your website redesign team. Include decision makers, and make sure they are on board with the strategic objective. If everyone can agree on the established goal, then consensus is about meeting the objective, and not about who's ideas are the best. Try not to include a lot of people on the team, as this can quickly lead to a bottleneck situation. The more people that need to "sign-off" the more opportunities you have for delays.

  1. Work with an experienced, client-focused partner

You have an overwhelmingly high amount of options to choose from when selecting a partner for your website redesign project. You will make your life and your project easier by choosing a partner that is experienced and comprehensive in their capabilities. They should be able to advise you regarding things like lead management systems, the best CMS, and how to optimize for mobile. Look for a company that is focused on developing a website that is customized to meet your objects. You should never have to adapt your goals to an off-the-shelf solution.

Are you ready to reap the rewards of a redesigned website, but not sure where to start? Give us a call!


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