3 Ways to Make Not-So-Exciting B2B Marketing Content More Engaging

Posted by Erin Meyer on Feb 16, 2017 12:30:52 PM

B2B digital marketing.jpgAs a digital marketing company, we serve a wide range of businesses and markets. When discussing ideas for engaging content, we sometimes hear B2B clients say “my customers only care about price” or “there’s nothing that interesting to talk about.” No matter what your product or service, there is always more to talk about than price.  While your B2B digital media content may never go viral, it is possible to develop interesting content and engaging social media posts, even with a product line that does not seem very exciting.  Here are 3 ideas to get you started:

  1. Make Complex Concepts Easy to Understand

Complex products and services can be challenging to market because a lot of information or data many be involved in communicating the benefits and advantages. Consider how you can simplify that information with a chart, images, or an info-graphic. Sometimes simply breaking up information into smaller, easy-to-read sections is all it takes to make informational content more interesting. The addition of descriptive icons or pictures will also make your key copy points more memorable.

  1. Create and Offer Informational Resources

In today’s age of information, both consumers and B2B buyers like to be informed and educated. When faced with a problem or a need, people tend to go online to search for products and solutions. Creating and offering educational resources to help purchasers at various points in the buying process will establish you as both a resource and an industry authority. Resources can include such things as digital eBooks and white papers. Things to keep in mind:

  • Avoid sounding like a sales pitch – be informative
  • Include pictures and authoritative stats
  • Provide a Call-to-Action, or next step you’d like the reader to take
  1. Develop Educational/Informative Videos

Videos offer a great way to make dull or tedious information more entertaining and engaging. Rather than a bulleted list of instructions, create a how-to video guide. Instead of providing just a listing of your equipment, film footage of the machines in action. Show prospective clients how your products work and highlight your key selling points with interesting video graphics mixed in. It is a good idea to keep videos under 90 seconds to make sure you don’t lose the attention of the viewer.

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